Attention Firefox Users!

Attention Firefox Users!

Despite CrytoTab detecting you are using Firefox, when you click through, there is no add-on to install so please, use or install Chrome. Even if you rarely use it or really hate it, you need only install the app, following the instructions and leave it running while you carry on using your preferred browser. Don't let it put you off if you have been disappointed it's not available for Firefox. If however you are using version 52.0 or above of Firefox, you can install Chrome Store Foxified then follow the instructions.

Beware of sites for CryptoTab using miners

I have been using CryptoTab for a few weeks and I'm on my way to hopefully my first payout, which I was hoping to send to my PayZa Bitcoin wallet but that's gone down the drain now the U.S Federal Government has closed it down and probably won't come back but that's not deterred me.

I am more concerned about people wanting to download CryptoTab but came across websites made by users to gain referrals but what they don't know while they promoting it, if they got it from another source and copied it or used to promote it is that the page loads other miners in the background, probably without them knowing if they just copy and paste the contents.

The websites concerned have an orange background, some with green graphics and could have originated from someone on, who themselves may not have been aware but if someone has seen there is a ready-made website they can use, they will be tempted to use it.  Some websites also have a black background with Chrome Store logos, some with multi-coloured backgrounds but they may vary.

These websites are using your computer resources to mine coins in the background and you won't even know about it unless your fan kicks in and starts working overtime, then it may be too late.   They are mining coins without asking your permission and even if you are only on that site a short time, they will have made something out of it.  There is also a danger these miners keep working even when you move away from the site concerned and could be malicious.

You should be given the choice if you permit them to mine using your computer but they do it sneakily and hope you don't detect them, which I feel is totally unacceptable but probably no worse than malicious websites that hack your computer or leave malware behind. 

Whatever browser you are using, you need to add an extension to block them, they are using your computer resources without your permission.  If you install one of these blockers, be sure to allow CryptoTab.  I use an extension on Firefox called 'Block Coin Miners' and highly recommend it and use it more than the one I installed on Opera so I tend to open any links to do with Bitcoins into Firefox.

If you see such a website, you are best leaving it immediately and guard against the miners. Other websites are safe to use.

The free website I created here on Blogger uses no such miners - feel free to install a mine blocker and see for yourself, you are safe to download it from here and join me in this venture.